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   News Update ! 9/03/2014

RYL II Determination Updates

Dear Players,
RYL Determination team proudly announced some basic information.
Server Already Reset Fame to " 0 "
Event Fame For All Player.
1st Player Get 100k Fame Will Be Rewards
- Armor Tiger + 1set Accessory Tiger

   News Update ! 19/03/2013

RYL II Determination News

Dear Players,
RYL Determination team proudly announced some basic information.
- Server now offcialy
- AAA equipment sold at npc ( Fix Bug Slot ),
- 7hole System And WoW Gems .
- Balance all class .
- No Overpower item's .
- No Claim system's .
- Add Farm Sport At GPV .
- Enable 7hole Lvl 10 Echant.
- Medal's Shop sold rare item's.
- NPC Blackmarket sold AAA item.
- Make item's your Self.
- Antonium drop 50x per-package.
- Add NPC Medal Gold/Volcano .
- Add NPC Quest Helmet/Accessory
- Add Abomy Necklace Upgrade Use Din Din Stone.
- Add Boss At Map 1 and Map 3 For Quest .
- Fame format +40 -10 and Auto Level 100
- Beginner player can buy Gold Coupon 3b/4b at Newbie Shop (price 0)
- Server weekly maintanace for backup databases

WoW Ruby = +40 damage/ +40 defense
WoW Blackmoon = +80 attack bon/ +20 defense bonus
WoW Emerald = +1000 MP/ +1000HP
WoW Sapphire = +20 mpr/ +20 hpr
WoW Diamond = +20 critical/ +20 mgr

To respected players we hope you'll suggest this server to your friends to get more
fun and more dramatik in war. Thanks for choose Risk Your Life Part II Determination.
Admin Determination : 0133232319 (SMS ONLY)
Please Contact Our Team If You Have Problem , Thank You.

   News Update ! 19/03/2013

Original Website DETERMINATION.

Please Don't Trust Other Website.
2. We Not Ask For Player ID, Password, Email Or Other Account Detail.
3. Our Site Only Have Register Form And Change Password Form.
Any Report Just SMS Admin , Thank You For Support DETERMINATION.

(Malay)" PERHATIAN!! "

"Perhatian: Kepada pemain yang dihormati, Kami menasihati supaya anda berhati-hati apabila membuat pertukaran barang (item). Anda berkemungkinan akan ditipu. Berwaspadalah dengan barang yang akan anda tukar. Anda tidak digalakkan untuk berkongsi ID dengan orang lain. Kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab diatas kesemua kecuaian anda. Anda perlu mengambil risiko dalam pelbagai keadaan."

Good Luck & Have Fun,

-> Any Problem , Please Contact 0133232319 (SMS SAHAJA).


"Note: For most respected players, we advise that you be careful when making the exchange of goods (items). You may be cheated. Beware of your articles will change. You are not encouraged to share their ID with others. We will not be responsible on all of your negligence. you have to take risks in a variety of circumstances. "

Good Luck & Have Fun,

-> Any Problem, Please Contact 0133232319 (SMS ONLY)

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